Racing Registration That Doesn't Suck!

Raceday makes registering for your racing events and managing them insanely simple. Accept registrations, collect fees, manage all the aspects of your race event, manage membership and membership dues and more with this easy to use, very affordable software.

What types of racing does Raceday support?

What racing types does
Raceday support? All!

If it's got a motor in it, Raceday supports it: Motorcycles, snowmobiles, go-karts, ATV's, stock cars, lawn tractors and more. Raceday supports any type of motorized competition, from oval racing to cross-country, motocross, snocross, vintage and more.

Contact us today to find out more about how Raceday can make your racing events run smoother and more efficiently!

See Raceday in action

Raceday in action

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Free Raceday training for you and your staff 24/7/365 support - You will get a real person if you need help!
  • Setup your races in minutes
  • Safe, secure checkout
  • Dashboard: Check the status of your event at a glance
  • Drivers can enter as many classes as they like
  • Unlimited number of events
  • Registration fees go straight to your account
  • Customize Raceday to look like your website
  • Unlimited number of classes per event
  • Create and manage any type of membership
  • Drivers can enter and manage their sponsor information
  • Drivers get automatic receipts
  • Quick & easy look up of any registered driver
  • Integrates with MailChimp so you can easily send out email blasts to all your racers
  • Upload documents for drivers to download
  • Send messages to your drivers via Raceday
  • Add-ons: Easily setup and configure items like insurance fees, one-time memberships, track prep fees, etc.
  • Download all registrants into Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets
  • Special PDF for your race announcer lists drivers, numbers, machine and sponsor information
  • Simple management of driver numbers and number reservations
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Single Event Seasonal Year Round
Who is this for? If you're a promoter just doing one event per year. If your races are held only in one season of the year (summer or winter for example) If you run races (of any kind) throughout the year.
Annual Support and Maintenance Setup charge $250.00 Starting at $499.00 Starting at $1995.00
Driver Fees $8 for participating in the event plus 4.25% $5 per event registration1 plus 4.25%. $4 per event registration1 plus 4.25%.
You can buy down the individual driver fees with a higher annual support and maintenance fee. Please contact us for details.
1. Registration fees are per event registration, NOT per class. That means a driver can register for as many classes as are available, and only be charged the registration fee once.


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