Cash Accounting Enhancements


Raceday has a power Onsite Registration feature that allows you to take cash at the race facility for registration or an add-on. Now it’s a lot easier to see who paid by money, who paid by credit card and to check your gate to make sure the proper amounts were collected.

First, on the Orders tab on the top of Raceday, there is now an icon showing if that was cash or a credit card order.

NOTE: You should hit the gray “Rebuild Orders Index” button if this is the first time you’ve been to the Order screen since we released the feature.

You’ll see the icon on the left showing if that order was cash or credit card.

Credit card icon

Cash payment icon

Orders Page:

Updates to the Event Dashboard

Now, it shows your event revenue broken down by Cash and Credit Card payments. It also shows the quantity of Add-Ons you have sold for that event.

The next change is under your event(s) -> Add-Ons page.

Here, you’ll see the cash or credit card icon on the left, and the quantity of that Add-On that sold, and if needed, you can quickly take a peek at the actual order (with all the order detail).

The Event Add-On Details Page is Updated.

From your event, click on Add-Ons, then click on any of the Add-Ons to see all the orders for that Add-On, including cash vs. credit card, and the quantity.

From here, you can quickly see how many cash payments make up for each Add-On at the end of your event.