Direct Purchases of Add-Ons

Now registrants can go directly to your Add-Ons to purchase things like BANQUET TICKETS; PIT PASSES, RESERVED PARKING, and more.

Raceday’s powerful Add-On feature allows you to sell anything related to your club or events, and now participants can get to those Add-Ons without having to register for a class or race.

First, as the admin, you can determine if you want to sell your Add-Ons without registering for the event. By default, registrants are not allowed to do so.

Keep in mind, you need to have Add-Ons that are set to be available, and are not one-time-only, required Add-Ons.

To change that, log in to your Raceday admin account, click on your event, then click on Add-Ons/Extras. next, in the right-hand column, click the toggle switch to make the Add-)ns available without purchasing a registration

Now when your driver’s login (or you log in as an administrator) you can click “View Event”:

Then they can go straight to the screen to pick out the Add-Ons they want and check out. That’s it!

It’s a compelling feature. For your banquets, create a new event, then create an Add-On for each type of banquet ticket and *boom* you’ll know exactly how many people are coming and what they ordered.

Any questions? Feel free to email us.