Frequently Asked Questions

No… just go to your account with any web browser and get cracking!

You do not need WiFi, but you’ll be able to work faster and easier with it.

And you don’t need a high-speed internet connection: Using your phones cell connection works just fine. 

When you sign up, we re-label all the fields to match your racers expectations, so if you are doing motorcross, they will see “bike”, “moto” etc, while a snowmobile group will see “Sled”, “heat” etc. We can add your logo and there are many spots in the application where you can put your own text. 

Currently we work with MyLaps, MotoSponder, Tag Heuer, MotoTally & Westhold. Don’t see your system in that list? Feel free to contact us and ask us about yours. We know they are expensive and you get attached to them, so we want to make Raceday as flexible as possible.

Yes! You can set a discount for every class after the first one, or set discounts based on memberships. 

We’ve found every race group has very unique ways of doing their scoring that would require an expensive custom application to accommodate. So our scoring works only on the final and only on each event – points are not calculated across events.  

If you’ve got a substantial budget, we would be open to creating a custom scoring solution for your organization. 

Yes! We’ve worked extensively with all the major motorsports insurers to make sure our waivers meet all requirements – and we store them for as long as you need – no more boxes full of waivers! 

You can get a whole bunch of reports based on the event: All registrants, registrants by class/division, pit boards (suitable to hang in the pits), running order reports, reports on add-ons sold, overall sales reports, etc. Get a demo to see the full list. 

For as long as you have an account with us, plus one year. 

Yes. For the administrators in Raceday who are operating events, we will answer the phone (or texts) if we are eating dinner, at a party, traveling or taking a shower. Races almost always happen on weekends, so we are available for you. 

Supporting your participants is up to you… they are likely to ask questions about classes, rules or other items that we cannot answer. So we make if very easy for you to support your racers. 

Absolutely! We have a backlog of requests that we prioritize right after each release.

Yes! You can setup any number of memberships and apply discounts to them. Racers with memberships see and can register with the lower membership price, while all others only see the non-member prices – by class or division. 

We can tell you that every time we’ve heard this, once the drivers register through Raceday once, they preferred it every time after that. If they still won’t do it, it’s easy enough to take it over the phone, or let them send in a form you can enter easy enough. 

Raceday is easy – you won’t need us to do that. Really. You won’t need it. 

Yes! And they take very little time to complete with our unique onsite registration feature. You can also make last minute changes to all your registrations on one screen – change transponders, classes, machines, etc. with a couple mouse clicks!

There is a space to keep running notes on a driver or team. Many of our groups keep the details of incidents. 

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