Flat Track Rising

At a time when a lot of forms of motorsports are having trouble gaining participants and fans, flat-track motorcycle racing is gaining fans, sponsors and partners. How are they doing that?

Jeff Haden has a great article on the rise of Flat Track motorcycle racings on inc.com. The American Flat Track (AFT) association is fueling the growth with strategic additions of classes – but note they don’t want to make it confusing for people watching. It has to be simple and easy to understand. The whole purpose is to develop more talent and get more participation – and it’s working. They are getting partnerships with big-name companies like Caterpillar and Honda.

Effective use of streaming media is also fueling growth, with 50,000 people watching their races online. Note also how they are focused on making sure there is no “dead time” for the audience – everything they do is about making the experience of watching a race a more luxurious experience for those who chose to give the sport their attention.

That attention to detail of the whole event and the attraction of watching bikes hit 140 MPH on a dirt oval makes for a compelling, growing sport.

What small step can you take today to grow your participation and audience?