Got a Racer That Can’t Login?

When you get contacted by one of your racers that they cannot login, or cannot get the email to reset their username and password, here’s how you can help them, quick and easy. 

When they can’t login, here’s what to check first:

  • Are the signing in at the right URL? Make sure they are on YOUR Raceday account. If in the address bar of their browser they are at vs your account at, you need to get them to the right address and start from there.
  • Are they using the right Username? To check it, login into your admin account, search for the driver, then Login as the driver.
    • Click on the green button by their profile (lower left-hand corner) Then click “About Me”.
    • Verify they are using the same Username as is in their account.
    • Also, put your mouse in the username field and be sure there are no spaces before or after the username. If there is, remove them and save the profile.
    • You will not be able to save the profile if the Hometown, Gender and Date of Birth have not yet been completed. As your driver for that info and save their profile.
  • Now that they are using the correct Username and we’ve verified there are no spaces in it, they should be able to login.
Raceday About Me Profile Info
Raceday Username Field
  • Do they have the right email address? If they tell you they tried the “recover username” and/or “recover password” option and they never got the email:
    • More often than not, it’s because the email address is not a valid, is not the one they use now, or they cannot acesss the old one. Change their email address, save the profile and have them try the “recover username” and the “recover password” feature again.
Recover Options
    Last but not least, reset their password for them. It’s also under the Drivers Profile, at the Update Password option.

After changing their password, logout of the admin, go to the driver login screen and verify that you can login with their username and password.