On Any Given Raceday

A few years back, the fine crew that was running Pro Vintage Racing (PVR) had a problem. Registration for their vintage snowmobile races had become a nightmare. With the sports popularity increasing hand over fist every year, a couple hundred drivers needing to get signed up on the day of the race meant the races were getting started later and later, and the PVR staff was exhausted before the races even got started.

PVR needed a tool to get the registrations done in a more timely fashion. They scoured the earth and only found really hard to use, horribly outdated and expensive “solutions” that made them want to stick to using paper and pencil, thank you very much.

However they couldn’t afford to build such a piece of software, nor did they have the time to do so. That’s where Digital Opera came in. We saw an opportunity here to help not only PVR, but any motor sports track or association who was facing this same dilema. Working closely with PVR, we created Raceday to make life for racers and race associations much easier.

Just a few days ago, we created the front-end website for Raceday at http://getraceday.com.

Raceday makes registering and signing up for races a breeze. It’s also very easy for drivers to change their profile, setup sponsors and pay for the race events in a safe and secure fashion.

For the associations, they can sign up memberships, email directly to all their members (using Mailchimp) setup all their race classes and publish a race in minutes. After registration closes, they can download all the registrant information and use it in what ever manner best suits them. All that and more, and it’s extremely affordable.

See the website for more information on Raceday. You can also watch a quick demo, see the pricing information and sign up.

Our thanks to PVR, and special shout out to J.D. who kicked butt on this, and Grant who kicked JD’s butt even more to get ‘er done!

This summer we are actively seeking associations to help us move into motorcycle, go-kart, ATV, stock car or any other motor sports market. If you know someone that fits the bill, please contact us.


Update: In the last few months, Raceday has doubled the number of associations and racetracks who use Raceday exclusively for their events!