Raceday's History

By Larry Preston, Managing Director at Digital Opera & Raceday

"Starting a race late is a disaster that a promoter may never recover from."

I went to a race in 2009, where I was looking to be a sponsor. Instead, an event that was supposed to start at 10:00 am didn’t get started until 2:00 pm. All the fans left, and the racers were extremely ticked off.

That race was late because the race promoter was using an antiquated, home-made registration system that kept crashing and printing things wrong. The delayed start of that race was a disaster, producing a loss of fans and drivers that the race association will never fully recover.

The next Monday back at the office at Digital Opera. I scoured the earth for the right software solution that I could recommend these associations use. I found options, each worse than the last one. Most looked like they launched with Windows 3.1 and never updated.

I saw a problem we could easily solve. 

A few days later we got together with Pro Vintage Racing with the idea of building a simple, yet powerful online solution to manage memberships, registrations and other aspects of running a successful race series. Working closely with PVR that first year, we created Raceday – called initially “YaRacer.”

Over the next couple of years, we grew “YaRacer” organically, taking in as much feedback as we could from promoters and incorporating those features. We added a lot of support for auto rally racing, off-road racing, asphalt and dirt kart racing, motocross and other forms of racing. We doubled our user base in 2013 and again in 2014. Just before 2016, we took some investment money, and that rocketed the Raceday features and doubled our users one more time.

We could not be more thrilled
with Raceday's growing success.
About Raceday Motorsports Software

Rockstar and nationally syndicated morning show host Ramblin’ Ray leads ’em through turn one at Ironwood in 2013.

Digital Opera is our parent company. There, we design, build, and market websites and custom applications for select clients.  Raceday is our baby. It’s more than a product to us; it’s the opportunity to be a part of the competition, and to support motorsports with the skills we know best in a way that makes us enjoy the races even more.

We are software product developers, first and foremost with decades of experience being on the leading edge of technology. But we understand how going fast is a way of life for racers; the intense focus an athlete feels during competition is something few people get to experience in their life. It’s fast, noisy, larger than life, dangerous, exciting fun. We combine our love of software with our love of speed.

What could be more fun than that?

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We hope the intense focus a racer feels during competition is something more people get to experience in their life, because it will help them to make their entire life better.