Event Management

Setup your events in minutes. Have those events at one facility or as many as you like. Offer registrations or any add-ons like pit passes, fuel, and tires with ease, do your accounting the way you want to and keep in touch with your drivers. 

PRESETS - it all starts here

We’ll help you set up you’re first preset, which includes classes, add-ons, pricing, waivers, points tables, and facility information. You can have as many presets as you want, so running events of different types is as easy as it can be. 

Set it once and forget it!

Know at a Glance

The event dashboard tells you how many entries you have, how much you have collected, how many add-ons have sold if you’re nearing any limits – all at a glance. 

Knowledge is power!

Manage Your Registrations

Our event registration screen lets you, scratch drivers, change transponders, edit driver numbers, and check your drivers in. Everything about your event registrations in one, easy to use screen. 

Last minute changes? no problem!

Powerful event add-ons

Increase your revenues by making more options available to your race participants. Require them, make them optional, let them buy quantities of them, and make them available without registering for the event — pit passes, fuel, tires, banquet tickets, swag, whatever you need. 

increase your revenues


Have as many events open for registration at any given time as you like.


Keep each of your track information up to date and re-use it with a single push of a button.


Create and manage classes, divisions, pricing & discounts. Each event can have it's own.


Simpe refunds, reconciliation, discount codes & ad hoc discounts.


No pressure, no hype, just an easy conversation with one of our Pit Crew members
who is most likely having more fun then they should legally be allowed.