Setting up Tracks in Raceday

“Tracks” will make your life much easier if you are running a single facility or a race series that runs at multiple facilities.

Under Settings in your Raceday Admin account, click on tracks. If you are an existing Raceday customer, you’ll see your Track is already setup. Click and check the information, and add a map, then that’s it. If you are new (Welcome!), click on “New Track” and fill out the information:

  1. Give your track a name.
  2. Give your track/layout a nickname – this should be a name that you can use to determine what track/configuration this is – (i.e., Name: Pocatello Raceway, Nickname: Pocatello Drag Strip).
  3. Enter the address. This address will be used for various functions to help people find the facility, so please make sure it is right, and you may want to check the address in Google Maps to be sure.
  4. Use the drop-down list to select the country where your event takes place.
  5. Upload a screenshot of a map to the facility, or upload an image of the facility layout. This image will be used in several locations to make finding the event as easy as possible.
  6. Number of Lanes How many people can you line up (by default) on this track? For example, a two-lane drag strip would be 2. A four-lane watercross event would be 4. If for safety reasons the most you can put in one line on the track is 10, put ten here. You can change this later. The Lanes show up in the Raceday Setup for determining how to line people up.
  7. You can also Close a track here. That will not delete any data. It will just make this track no longer show up as an option in your list when creating an event.

After you’ve checked over your default track info under settings, when creating a new event, you’ll see the new event screen has just a couple of more options.

Now all the tracks you created under settings are in a dropdown. Select the Track this event will take place at, and all your facility information will auto-populate as needed! No more re-entering the track information ever again.

You also have the option to create a one-off, custom location. This feature is great for banquets, meetings, or other non-repeating events.

Tracks for single facilities

If you have multiple setups for your facility, say a Kart track, a dirt oval and a drag strip, you may want to create a new track for each, and give each it’s own layout map.

Tracks for Race Series at Multiple Locations

The new Track feature is a useful way for you to enter the location information once and re-use it for many years to come.