New Class Descriptions

What you label your race class appears in a great many places; On the driver checkout screens, in receipts and most importantly – as the title of the spreadsheets you’ll download to manage heats and finals.

We’ve added the ability to add descriptions to each class, so you can keep the name of the class as short as humanly possible while still being understandable. You can then elaborate on what is and what is not allowed in that particular class for machines and riders.

For the driver, it looks like this, the red showing the new description field we have added.

As you can see, this it makes it MUCH easier for the driver to pick the right class and help you avoid confusion as to what is allowed where.

As you can see, you can make the description of the class as long as you need to in order to make sure the driver can select the appropriate class.

NOTE: You should review both your master list of classes, and any events that registration is open on to be sure the names are of the correct length. We are going to check all of them here, but you should review them.

As always… any questions feel free to ask!