Direct Purchase of Event Add-Ons

New Direct Add-on Purchases!

You can now let drivers/participants skip registering for a class and go right to the add-ons!

This new feature is an excellent option when drivers, pit crew members, and others need to buy, for example, a pit pass without registering for the event.

Go into your event, and click on Add-ons/Extras. On the bottom right is a new option to turn on the Direct Option Feature. This way, you can decide if add-ons are available separate from the event:

Turn the feature on or off for each event by toggling the on/off button.

Drivers can then login and select “View Event”:

Drivers can choose “View Event” to see details on the event and purchase the Add-Ons.

Then they can “purchase add-ons” to bypass registering for any class:

Visitors select “Purchase Add-Ons” to choose which ones they want.

That’s it! They can then see all the available Add-Ons for the event, choose their quantities and checkout.