NEW! Licensing Feature

Need to know what license a driver has to race with you?

Now with Raceday’s new Licensing feature, you’ll have that information at the tip of your fingers!

It’s an option we turn on for you. You can now create a list of licenses (or credentials) your drivers have. Think ISR, AMA, ACCSA, NKK, WKA, etc. They can choose them and input their license number, and that information will display on your All Registrants and Team Sheets.

Here’s how it works.
First, you need to shoot us an email that says: “Turn on the License Feature!” As long as you are on one of our annual plans, we will flip the switch for you and let you know you can now use it.

Once that is done, go to the Settings tab, and you’ll see a new option for Licensing:

Click Licensing, then click “New License,” add the name of the licensing body, save it, and repeat until done. That’s all you need to do!

Then, from that point on, drivers will have a new menu option when they log in for “My License”:

Drivers select the licensing body, input their license number, and hit save. That’s it!

And again, that license will show on the All Registrants sheet and the Team Sheet.