New Raceday Schedule Plugin for WordPress

Automate the Schedule on your Website

If you’ve got a Raceday website or a website built with WordPress, we’ve got a new plugin for you. The new Raceday schedule plugin allows you to install the plugin on your site, (or we are happy to do it for you), then when you create a new event in Raceday, it automatically shows up on your website with the status you have assigned to it.

With the Raceday plugin installed, you no longer need to do anything on your website to display your schedule. It’s automagic!

Getting started with the plugin is simple.

1. If you have not done so, create a season in Raceday. Click on the
“Seasons” tab at the top of the admin section and click the green “+New Season” button.

Multiple seasons is for facilities that run different disciplines year-round, like cars in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter. Simply give your season a name, such as ‘2017 Summer Series’ or ‘2017 Winter Races’.

If you only run one race or one type of event in a year, label it by the year like ‘2017 Season’.

2. Now under Events, click on an event or create a new one, and a new tab for Seasons/Schedule will show up on the left.

Add the event to the season it belongs to, and then set your status. Your available options are:

  • Tentative – for races you are pretty sure are going to happen, but perhaps you do not have the contract or sponsor locked in.
  • Confirmed – the race is on, but you don’t want registration open just yet.
  • Canceled – Let your racers know by just changing this status, and the race will show as canceled on the website.
  • Postponed – Let everyone know you’ll be changing the date or location on this race.

Two other statuses that do not show up on that list. Registration Open and Registration Closed. Don’t worry about those as soon as registration opens or you open it, the status changes on your website, and the “register now” button will appear. Likewise, when the event closed, the registration button goes away.

What shows up on your website looks like this, and we can style this however you want.