NEW: Set a Membership Duration

NEW! Now you can set the duration of a membership

Our Membership feature is already a powerful way for race associations to raise revenues and keep in contact with all your racers.

Before today, you had just two options for expiring a membership. You could put a date as to when it expires, or you could terminate it for anyone who had one.

This morning we released a new option: You decide how long the membership runs, then it auto-cancels itself. Either set a date it will expire, OR choose how many days or months should go by before it auto-cancels. Set it once and forget it!

To do this, go to Settings -> Memberships and click on the Membership to set the duration. You’ll see the option on the bottom to set a date for expiration OR how many days or months you want to buy before the membership expires. Make your change, save, and done!