New Team Screens and REACT

The Teams feature in Raceday allows groups to register as a team, where a single vehicle will have multiple drivers. Its primary use is for Rally Racing, where 2-5 drivers will swap driving duties in a more extended period, usually 8 or 24 hours. We also have Enduro racing groups that use this feature.

For clubs and associations using the Raceday Teams feature, you’ll notice it looks a whole lot different. The functionality is pretty much the same, but this release lays the groundwork for many enhancements to come.

With this release, we have begun the process of moving all of our front-end development from Angular to REACT. Right about now, your eyes may have glazed over, and you’re wondering, “What does that have to do with me?”

Not much directly, but for us, REACT is a tool that allows us to develop features faster, and make better enhancements with going forward. It also may help us tap a larger pool of available developers, as more coders are interested in REACT than Angular.

We’ve also adopted Material Design, a design language that marries functional design with forward-looking tech. In the future, you’ll see more and more sections of Raceday move this way.

To walk you through the new Teams Screen, I put together a short demo video.