Pre-Season Checklist in Raceday

The Steps:
Do NOT create a new event until you FIRST update your presets from the previous season.
To do so:
  • Login to your Raceday admin account. 
  • Click “Settings” from the upper right-hand menu. 
  • Modify the Preset from the previous year. or if you need to, create a new Preset. 
  •  If you use them, verify the Default Registration Fee, Default Late Fee and Multi-class discounts. 
  • Click into Default Classes, add, edit or remove any classes for your upcoming season. 
  • Check the prices for all of your classes. 
  • Next, check your Add-Ons & Extras. 
  • If you use it and there was a change in how you calculate points, update your Points Table. 
  • If there was an update to your Waivers & Agreements, Update those. 
  • Now create your first event, and all the updates will appear in your new event. 


Click "Settings" from the upper right-hand menu.


Modify the Preset from the previous year. Or, if you need to, create a new Preset by clicking the "+ Add a preset" button.  


Click "Edit Preset" in order to change the year and title of your preset. This makes it easier to choose the correct preset when creating an event. 

Edit Your Preset Info


Add, delete or edit your classes for the new season. Click "New Event Class" to make a whole new class, click into a class to edit it, and click "edit pricing" button for each class.  

Edit Classes


Edit or create any add-ons for the season give it a title and a description.


Choose the Audience for this Add-On: Everyone means everyone will have this available to them, Members means that anyone who already has a membership will be the only ones who ever see this Add-On, and Non-Members will make it available ONLY to people who do NOT have a membership.

aAdd your fee and choose the options:

    • Allow Quantity Purchases means your audience can buy as many as they want.
    • This Add-On is Required means it is automatically added to the drivers shopping cart and cannot be removed. 
    • This Add-On is Only Required Once. This means it will automatically show up in the cart, but only on the first purchase for the event. It will not be required for any additional transactions for this event. 
Edit your Add-Ons in Raceday


Now you can create your first event for the season, pick your updated presets and you are ready to rock!