Profit Is Good. Period.

Race Promoters Must Embrace Profit

Profit is good.

If you feel that making money is a bad thing, that is the first and the most critical problem you must fix to make your race events better for everyone – including you.

Profits have been made out to be the bad guy to the point that many people equate profit with Satan himself. I’ve heard racers complain bitterly about the cost of entering a race, but every time I’ve asked them about the promoter’s costs to put on the race, they have no response. Often when racers scream about the prices, they can make even the most stoic promoter suddenly feel as though they have cheated grandma out of her pudding. The promoter then cuts costs until there is nothing left to cut and the races come to a halt. 

Profits are not good or bad, but you must have them to be successful. No matter what anyone says. 

Does your track need new fencing to be safer? Is your parking lot a mud pit? Are you having trouble finding sponsors? Can’t find time for your website and social media? Are you spending too much time on accounting? Are you running most of your events on paper still? Has your website gone months without being updated?

All of these things and more can be solved one hell of a lot easier even if you have just a little profit.

So when someone attempts to vilify you for trying to make your racing profitable, remember first of all that they probably have no idea about the cost of your facility, the insurance, dealing with the local requirements, payouts, and the rest. Smile and ignore them.

Then smile at them and tell them that no one outside of NASCAR and F1 is getting rich with motorsports, and the good news is that profits are what allow us to survive and what is used to make racing safer, more prominent, simpler, as well as more exciting and fun for everyone.

Profit, for all intents and purposes, is good.