Simplify Your Life

We are on a quest to take the stress out of running a motorsports event and make it fun once again!

When we introduced our first version of our Race Management, we knew we were on to something big: With our current system, you can set up your races faster than with any other tool available, period.

But we also knew we wanted it to do so much more than the current version of Raceday, like going beyond just setting up the race, and making it super easy make the event happen – from scheduling the actual races to posting results.

Well, we’ve been busy testing and putting the finishing touches on an update that does exactly that. Our new Race Management Console is a big step forward in Race Management.

We started by working a lot of events last year to watch and learn how you run races. From those experiences, we’ve designed a system that will make the task of operating motorsports events faster than ever before,  and a heck of a lot less stressful – dare I say you might even find race management fun once again!

In just three easy steps, and one tool, you can setup, run, and score your event:

  1. Structure the day’s initial rounds, heats or motos.
  2. Create each race with any of the heats you setup in step one, combine classes, and set grid orders.
  3. Set up your running order and start racing.

Raceday integrates with all timing systems, making your event even better,

Don’t have a timing/scoring system? No Problem. Tap results in as they happen – and automatically award points by position from a table you setup.

We can even set it up, so results post automagically to your website – making racers, sponsors manufacture and fans silly happy.

Last-minute changes? No problem. Swap a driver from one class to the other, fix their vehicle number, change, add or edit the transponder number you name it, we’ve got every one of those last-second, high-stress changes at your fingertips in the new system.

The new system will be available in the second quarter of this year. We’ll be rolling it out for select Raceday customers whose seasons are about to get underway first, working our way towards clients that have their first events happening later in the spring.

We can’t wait. And there is lots more to come!