Raceday 4.0

Raceday 4.0 Is Here!

Over the last few months we’ve been burning the midnight oil to give Raceday a major upgrade. The biggest change on the back was that we replaced the entire database and database structure for Raceday, moving to a faster and more flexible option.

That database change has allowed us to also add a whole bunch of the most often requested new features – and it’s going to allow us to make Raceday a lot more flexible to adapt perfectly to any type of racing. You’ll find Raceday 4.0 to be faster & easier to use.. and that will make racing that much better for everyone.

The new features listed below will not be instantly available.. we have to move every group over from the 3X version to 4.0, one client at a time. We have begun that process and will notify each of you as we get ready to do your change over.

Enough of my yakking! Let’s get to the new features!

New Database = MUCH faster application. You’ll notice things like the registrations page, race results, running order and more now come up lickety-split!

Enhanced support for Canadian funds – making life easier on all of our Canadian friends who can now deal with everything in Canadian funds.

Promotor Pay – this actually available now, but we’ve made significant updates to it. This is an option we can set for you that allows the promotor to absorb the processing fees, vs. the standard way Raceday handles those.

Team Enhancements – We’ve made it much easier for Teams to set up and choose the team vehicle(s) when they register. We’ve also made it so the admins can change what vehicle a team or driver has chosen for an event.

Onsite Registrations – for Raceday PRO and above, we have enhanced the option for you to do a fast onsite registration. You can even take the registration with NO vehicle information, and accept cash that will be accounted for in your event totals.

Registrations Search – now you can easily hunt down a registration simply by typing the drivers name or number.

Registration On/Off Toggle. Now on every event, you have a big button telling you if registrations are open to the drivers or not, and you can change that state at anytime.

Scoring – now on the race results page, you can add scoring information. We’ve also added fields for best lap time, last lap time and enhanced the disqualification options.

Presets – now you can create and save a total event.. classes, add-ons, track information and more. Then simply create the dates of each event. Fastest event setup time ever. This is a major enhancement if you run a series or a series of events!

Total Membership Expiration(s). At the end of the season, you now have a simple option to expire all your memberships so everyone can start over for the next season.

Private Memberships – when you have volunteers, board members and others who are allowed to race for free or have free memberships, you can add them to your Private Membership and no one else will know.

So What Do We Do Now?

Nothing. Just sit back and relax. New groups signing up for Raceday will automatically be placed on version 4. Existing groups will be moved over one at a time, and we are starting with our most active groups and working down to the groups are inactive this time of year.

I’ll be doing a bunch of videos and blog posts to detail the new features in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!