Latest Release: 4.17.1


We’ve had a new release and it updates several items in anticipation of some larger updates coming, as well as cleaning up some issues:

  • All outgoing emails (like drivers recovering their username and password) are now coming from, and all applicable validations have been added. This should help drivers who were not getting those emails because it may have been going to their spam filter.
  • Some issues with our email sending partner were resolved, again helping with the delivery of emails for drivers recovering their username and password.
  • Drivers cannot save a user name with blank space in their username. This is why some drivers were having trouble getting back into their accounts, and it was happening when they created a second account. This should reduce any reason drivers would have to create a second account instead of getting logged into their existing account.
  • We’ve gone through and archived the inactive duplicate accounts.
  • Being able to change/edit the name of a heat race or final is now working again.
  • The information for a drivers hometown is now being loaded from the city and state they created the account with if they have not completed the hometown field in the announcer sheet.
  • We’ve added API support for loading waivers
  • We’eve added tools to fix missing driver/vehicle numbers

Enjoy and much more to come!

Photo: Jon Etkins