Raceday Updates: March 24th

Well, I am afraid I do not have Ron Burgundy’s hair.. but we’ve been busy on a new feature to make running your actual event a whole lot easier.  But until that is ready, we have some updates for you:

  1. Drivers can now see their order histories. When they login, there is a new tab on the left side that says “Order History”. This will allow them to review previous orders and get receipts should they need them.
  2. Updated MotoSponder integration. If you are using the MotoSponder timing/scoring, you can output your Raceday registrations to it.
  3. You can change the label of the vehicle’s number. Under a drivers vehicle, the name of the field that was just “number” now says “number on (car, kart, sled, etc.).”  This feature will help avoid confusion where drivers were putting their serial number or transponder number in that field.
  4. Added notes to Teams: If you are using the Raceday Team feature: Admins can now add notes to a team. Click the Team link on the top, pick a team and notes are available to the left. This feature was there some time ago; We forgot to tell anyone about it!
  5. More info on receipts: We’ve added the date of the event, and the event name to each order PDF for drivers.
  6. Detect someone using the wrong account: If you Archive a driver, then they login to the Archived account and register, that driver will be automatically unarchived. This will allow you to see that they registered from the (wrong) archived account. You can then transfer that registration and disable the Archived account.

Some bug fixes:

  1. HTML no longer shows up in membership agreements.
  2. When you scratch a driver, we remove from all of the reports or worksheets.
  3. Fixed an issue where drivers could not enter a sponsor who did not have a URL.
  4. We have fixed an issue where events would sometimes not display in order when a driver logs in to Raceday.
  5. We have fixed a bug where some mobile users could not add a new sponsor.

More to come!