Raise Your Inner Game to Win More Races.

Racing allows the participants to achieve a level of focused concentration that few people ever get to experience: It’s an intense experience that demands a lot of you mentally. I believe that the ability to stay focused on your performance for every inch of that race is what separates the winning race drivers from those who struggle.

It’s a fact that if you can train yourself to be “at the moment” before and especially during the race, you will win more races.

For example, the first time I raced, I was the first guy to the corner by a long shot. But I slowed for the turn and suddenly found a vehicle on either side of me, and my first thought was “they are way too close at this speed!” That thought, as short as it was, moved me from first place to fourth. I spent the rest of the race cursing myself out and not paying attention to being on track at that moment, eventually winding up in sixth place.

I thought about that experience many, many times since then. The real issue was that I did not have the skills to find my focus, keep it, and keep running my race. Once I figured that out, the rest was easy. I’ve worked on developing my attention span for most of my life, and it not only made a difference when I was racing, but it has also made a massive difference in making my experience better.

Today I am happy to tell you about my friend David Levin and his new book Raise Your Inner Game. David is a friend, an author, a trainer, and a musician that I have known and worked within some form or another for about thirty years. I think this book is the most exceptional work David has done to date.

Raise Your Inner Game is a quick read, with some easy to follow exercises that will help you to “train your brain” and intensify the focus it takes to be the best driver you can be. As soon as I read it, I knew it would be a great resource for racers who want to be better at what they do.

So David has made it available at a meager price for Raceday drivers – over 30% off the regular price – for a limited time only. Read it, follow the exercises, and apply it to your next race, and you will do better.

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