Registering Your Kids (Or Team) in Raceday

If you are a parent with a lot of kidlets, or the manager of a multiple driver race team, or the member of an enduro team where many drivers are driving the same machine – this posts for you!

Raceday makes it easy to sign up multiple drivers. Keep in mind, each driver must have his own account – that’s because we need specific information for each driver that is easy for your race administrator to look up. But managing a bunch of different account is a pain in the you-know-what, so here’s how to make is a snap in Raceday:

  1. Use the same email address for each of your riders. Keep in mind, this is the email that all communications with the driver will go, so make it yours – that way you will get any notifications and receipts for each drivers.
  2. Create a unique username that is easy for you to remember for each driver. For example, let’s say you are signing up your three kids, Ashley, Kenny and Karl, and your last name is SpongeBob. Make the usernames AshleySpongeBob22, KennySpongeBob23 and KarkSpongeBob24 – appending their driver number to their first and last name should make it easy for you to recall all their usernames.
  3. You can create one password and use it for ALL your drivers. Again, this makes it easy for you to remember

That’s it! Now you can sign in easily with each driver, pick your event and register!