Release 4.11.8 Summary: Licenses, Vehicle Classifications and More!

Release 4.11.8
Here’s a quick summary of what is in 4.11.8. We’ll do a post on the new features that detail how they work.

  1. You can now see the number of Add-Ons you have sold for an event in the Event Dashboard.
  2. For Team racing events, you can now see the number of teams that have registered for your event.
  3. You now have the option to close registration for individual classes within an event. This way, when it is full, you can still have all the others (and your Add-Ons!) available for purchase.
  4. Licenses: An option we can turn on for you, you can now create a list of credentials your drivers have. Think ISR, AMA, ACCSA, NKK, WKA, etc. They can choose them and input their license number, and that information will display on your All Registrants and Team Sheets.
  5. Vehicle Classifications: Another option we can turn on for you, you can create a list of Vehicle Classifications that will show up under the vehicles for the drivers. They can then choose their vehicles classification, and that will show on MyLaps, All Registrations, and Teams.