Removing Schedule Items from the Raceday WordPress Plugin

Our WordPress plugin automatically posts your schedule on your WordPress site. The plugin allows you to put your events in Raceday, and they automatically show up on your website, complete with status updates and registration buttons when registration opens.

One question that comes up is how to have a past event not show up in the schedule after it is over. Some like to keep the whole seasons schedule available, but if you don’t, removing an event is very simple.

  1. Login to your Raceday admin site, click on events, then click on the event you want not to have shown up.
  2. Select the Season/Schedule tab on the left-hand menu
  3. Remove the event from the season.

This action does not delete the event or alter it in any way; it only removes it from the schedule.

There you have it!

Don’t have the WordPress plugin? It’s free with all Pro Raceday accounts. Contact us to get it installed on your site today!