Reserved Driver Numbers

Raceday has a setting when we set up your account related to driver numbers: Either the driver numbers have to be unique for everyone who races with you, or anyone can grab any number. We can change this setting for you at anytime, should you want to try either option.

Unreserved Numbers

If driver numbers are not set to be unique, anyone who signs up can grab any number they want. This works perfect when you have lots of drivers running multiple classes and you don’t reserve numbers for anyone.

Reserved Numbers

If the driver numbers are set to be unique (or reserved) numbers, the numbers are first-come, first-serve to everyone who comes to sign up, regardless if they have a membership or not.

In the case that you have reserved numbers, a new driver can sign up and grab the number they want. Then one of your long-time drivers creates an account and panics when they get a message that says “Driver number is already taken, please enter your second choice and contact us”. Not surprisingly, this could cause some panic if someone has already purchased race jackets, machine wraps and painted their trailer with that number.
Not to panic! There is a simple fix, and once you’re core drivers sign up, this will no longer be an issue for you.

When you get the call that someone want’s their number, you have total control to change any drivers number so that you can decide who gets what number and where:
1. Login to your admin screen, click on “Drivers & Members”.
2. Find the first driver that signed up with the number in dispute and click on them.
3. Click on “Edit (drivers name)” on the right hand side.
4. Change the driver number to that their second choice for a number and save.
5. Find the driver who should get that number, and change that one to the number they are supposed to get.

That’s it! This works much better for you to work out who deserves what number and who does not.

Same Number, Different Classes

Another case with unique numbers is when you have, for example, a Junior racer named Ricky Bobby who wants to be number 22, when you have a pro driver named Eddie Van Halen who is already #22. This would be perfectly acceptable since Ricky won’t be Joining Eddie in his class anytime soon.

In this case, simply change Ricky’s number to 22J, or some other letter that you can designate to indicate it is a duplicate number in the system. This way, Ricky can still put 22 on his machine and jacket. On your race sheets he will show up as 22J, but you’ll know that means he’s #22 in the junior classes.

That’s it – you got it! Now ROCK ON!