Results and Driver Check In

We’re always working to make Race Results faster and easier.

With our latest update, those who scratched or never checked in for the event will not show up in results, nor will they get any points.

We’ve updated the Event Results screen to check for valid driver check-ins before displaying them in the options to assign results. On the bottom of Event Results now, you’ll see a list of those who did not check-in, or those who scratched. Of course, you can always check a driver in, or “unscratched” them if needed.

If you have not checked anyone in, the results screen will now look like this:

To change that, go to the Registrations tab under the event. Search for your driver by name, class, division, or status of Not Checked In, Checked In or Scratched. Once you find your driver, click the big ‘ole green check-in button.

Generally, you want to do the check-in process the morning of your event, so as the drivers come in, you can give them any other items or instructions you need to before the racing gets underway. It’s an excellent way to make sure they are in the right classes, have signed all applicable waivers and have the right machine in the correct category.

When the event is over, you can then click on Event Results to add the results. It’s that easy! Any questions, feel free to call (303) 968-1714 or email me.