Six Months of Race Setup and Running Order

It seems crazy to me that six months have gone by since we released our Race Setup and Running Order features in Raceday.

For those of you who have not experienced it, Race Setup, let’s your automagical setup all your heats, semis and finals. The Randomize feature lets you put drivers in their race with a single click. You re-arrange them any way you want, and you can then print out each race. It is the fastest, easiest way ever to set up your event.

Here’s a quick little video showing Race Setup in action:


Running Order then allows you to schedule your entire race day, from what time racing starts, to what races run in what order, to creating a sheet with all the races for everyone to follow.

We tried both out in person at several events last winter, most notably at the Alexandria Winter Spectacular, where they had approximately 600 entries. Setting up this big of an event is no small task. But with Race Setup and Running Order, everything was done and ready to go well ahead of the scheduled race start time.

It’s been a fascinating six months, and we’ve been energized by how Race Setup and Running Order are now huge contributors in putting together the overall puzzle of how to make racing better. We’re carefully tracking the metrics on both and logged insane amounts of new ideas, a man of which we will be implementing soon.

Until then, I just wanted to thank all the early adopters out there who’ve been beating both features up and using them for every event. It’s been a sheer joy watching you work!