“Smoothest run race I have ever been in!”

The Strathcona racetrack in Strathcona, MN had their 50th-anniversary race on January 25th. They signed up for Raceday just two weeks before the event.

We had them set up and taking registrations in less than 24 hours.

Armand Westlund, (racing legend and Strathcona promoter) was more than a little worried about switching systems. “I’ve been using my system for decades, and I know it has problems, but I know what to expect,” he said before the switching to Raceday. But this event was going to be a big deal for the community, and it had to go right. He was worried that few people would register online, and that day of registration would be long lines and a mess.

It turns out only four people did not register ahead of time. The other drivers all created new accounts and got registered with no issues what so ever. Many were surprised that they did not need to do anything when they got to the race they just checked in. Waivers completed, classes entered, fees paid. The four people who registered on-site got processed in 5 minutes.

They ran 56 individual races starting at noon. With Raceday’s Race Management features, everyone knew where they needed to be when they needed to be there. All the classes were completed by 4:00 PM and the rented lights never had to be turned on.

I had the chance to walk around at the race, and five racers came up, shook my hand, and made some comment to the effect of “Best run race I have ever been to.” I cannot begin to tell you how much that meant to me. Because that’s what Raceday is about: It’s not about the software. It’s about making your event the best it’s ever been, and the feeling of pride that comes from knowing you’ve made it a great day for everyone involved.

A week later, Armand called me and said the same. “I don’t have words to describe how thankful we are for Raceday. It made our event the best it has ever been.”

High praise from a great guy who has been running good races since the 1960s!

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