The Future of Racing?

As technology and the world changes – how will racing evolve?

Formula “E” provides a possible glimpse: Formula E is a very much spec racing with everyone having the same chassis and the same power plant. It also takes the focus off of horsepower and speed and instead emphasizes things like fan engagement.

For auto racing it is not hard to see that this may be the future; Driverless cars are just around the corner, and electric cars are getting less expensive and can go farther and farther on a single charge. The auto-industry may well want to push electric car racing to push the technology forward.

For the current racing fan, I can’t help but wonder if these changes would push them away and if the electric car racing would create a different type of fan; today’s fan of motorsports (like me!) loves the noise, the smell and the speed of racing fuel is a significant part of the attraction. Take that away, and you will have to find new fans that prefer noiseless machines that are not as fast.

Is that even possible?

You can read a full article from Digital Trends here about Formula E.