Updates: October 4th 2017

I’m happy to announce that we’ve made some updates that were released today, all having to do with mobile users on the driver side.

The first is that when drivers enter a race, their choice will be to pick a division first, then the classes. Before this change, it opened automatically to their class choices under the first division in the list. That made it confusing for new users to realize that they had division to choose first.

The next one is an option we can turn on for you if you want it. By default, it is not on. This one displays the year of the machine when the driver selects a class. That is very helpful for drivers who have multiple rides to register for an event. If your racing only takes one vehicle, then we can leave this off and the year won’t clutter anything up.

When the feature flag is turned on, we a display the year of the vehicle now.

There is lots more to come. We’ve been busy doing a lot of background upgrades that will allow us to make much more rapid changes when they are complete as always; we are listening to you and incorporating the best new features to make your racing better than ever!