Vehicle Classifications


Sometimes you need a little more information on the vehicles in your event, and now you can get it!

With Raceday’s new Vehicle Classification system, you can have your teams or drivers, tell you what classification it is, from a drop-down list that you create.

This new feature can be used for grouping your vehicles by division (Late-Model, Street-Stock, Modified, etc.) or by horsepower rating, or by whatever your group needs.

The Vehicle Classification will then show for you for MyLaps, All Registrations, and Teams.

Here’s how it works.
First, you need to shoot us an email that says: “Turn on Vehicle Classifications!” As long as you are on one of our annual plans, we will flip the switch for you and let you know you can now use it.

Once that is done, go to the Settings tab, and you’ll see a new option for Vehicle Classifications:

Click Vehicle Classifications, then click “New Classification,” add your classification, save it, and repeat until done. That’s all you need to do!

Then, from that point on, when drivers add vehicle information, they will get a drop-down asking for vehicle classification:

And again, those classifications will show on the MyLaps sheet, All Registrants sheet, and the Team Sheet.