When Do Late Fees Apply?

As a race track owner, a race promoter or a race association, Raceday gives you the option to charge a late fee (that you keep) for your event. It works wonders to ensure you have all your registrations before the race, thus making your race much more enjoyable and less stressful to a run.

However, there’s been a tiny bit of confusion for your racers as to when that kicks in, so here’s the details:

The late fees are applied at midnight of the date you enter in the “Apply late fees after” field.

Example: If you put in 2/14/2014, if a racer submits an order 1 second after midnight, they will get the late fee.

One thing to remember is that the system is operating on Central Time. So if you’re on Eastern time, the late fees in the example above will not apply until 1:00 AM on the following day.

Here’s how to change the date.

  1. Login to your myracedayapp.com/admin account and click on the event you wish to apply late registration fees to.
  2. Next, after you have clicked on the race, select “Edit Race”

Change the date to what ever you would like. If your race is on Saturday and you want to close registration on Thursday, put in Wednesday’s date. That way your drivers can register all day Wednesday (keeping in mind the system is on Central time!) and will only be charged your late fee at the end of Wednesday and the beginning of Thursday.

Be sure to hit “Update Event” when you have the date set.